public art


For me, developing art for the public realm is primarily about building series of relationships which are driven by creativity, but the process is also technical, educational and inspirational. A synthesis of process, form, architecture and environment are pivotal to a balanced outcome but it is also a listening exercise. It is critical for the end product to foster curiosity and interest but also to generate a sense of ownership. After all, a public artwork is funded, driven by and finally handed over to its residents. I believe that public art projects can inspire and enrich communities while enhancing environments. Temporary or ephemeral installations can be as impacting as more permanent structures and I enjoy the different processes and relationships that arise and inform both.

I am grateful for the trust that is bestowed upon me to develop artworks for clients of all scales and locations. This leap of faith in my skills to develop and nurture a brief from mind’s eye to sketch to reality provides the motivation for my practice.

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